Instagram Baddies

I’ve never really fallen into the “normal” categories in life. I suppose I’ve never wanted to. A quiet, introverted secret rebel, never wanting to be like other people. In fact, purposefully wanting to appear different, if anything just out of sheer stubbornness. That’s not to say if there’s a trend I like, I’ll ignore it altogether; if I like something I will show no shame in liking it. I’m not too hipster to disregard a trend that might genuinely bring me joy.

I’ve always been one for unapologetically liking the things I like, even as a teenager. I’ll never forget standing in front of the class at school in year 8 or 9, and boldly exclaiming that “M.I. High” was my favourite programme, only to have the class either say they’d never heard of it or smirk at such childlike behaviour (as of course they were all beyond watching children’s programmes, and only watched the likes of MTV… very educational). Yet to this day I am convinced some, if not most of my classmates probably also enjoyed the relaxing feeling of getting home from school and turning on the television to see how Daisy, Rose and Blane were going to save the world today.

So of course my unknowingly hipster ways would therefore transcend into my fashion choices. I adore the idea of having a personal aesthetic, something people would even recognise me for. For this reason, I am a big fan of the Youtuber, Freddy Cousin-Brown (Freddy, my love), who is known for her muted feminine chic wardrobe. I find her individualistic style incredibly inspiring, and have been known to purchase some of the items she recommends. However, settling on one hobby, or music genre, or even book genre is never something I’ve been good at, let alone my clothing choices. I love a soft feminine look, but I’ve never let go of my teenage grunge aesthetic either, or a basic comfy nerd outfit, and don’t get me started on my love of kawaii and lolita.

With all this in mind, the “Instagram Baddie” aesthetic of today is incredibly fascinating to me. I have spent far too much time looking for the correct image to go with this blog, but the variety is so great, I can offer no other advice than ‘Google it’. One of the reasons this style is so individualistic, is not just the clothing, but the way the photographs are taken. It was only when scrolling through Google images, attempting to find one to sum it up, that I truly started to realise what people mean when they say Instagram models have that “unrealistic shape”. Not that the women themselves have this specific body shape, but rather the angles and editing of photos make them look like extreme hourglasses. Without going into detail about the effect this may have on young girls, I will say this, it is important to take social media with a pinch of salt… or rather a bucket.

This clothing style has become so popular so quickly, it begs the question: do people actually like it, or are they wearing what they think is “normal” in society? It may well be that a lot of people now very much think this is a beautiful aesthetic and enjoy picking out clothes specifically to look a certain way, and if that is the case, all power to them! However I dread to think we may live in a world where trends are simply trends due to social pressure, and not genuine enjoyment. We can only hope people choose to dress in a way which makes them comfortable and happy. In the words of the wise Dolly Parton “Find out who you are and do it on purpose”.

By Anna Turnell Copyright © 2020

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