Unemployable or Simply Unemployed

An unemployed graduate.  It sounds like it should be a fun, spontaneous time of life.  The harsh reality is not being able to move out of your parents house, and spending days scrolling through job websites that just want to email you adverts.  You begin to wonder was the three years of endless hours of work, the stress, the depression, the debt, even worth it?  Does my degree even add any edge to my curriculum vitae?  Another harsh reality check is that it probably doesn’t add much, no, but that doesn’t mean life is over, and that doesn’t mean you’ve wasted your time.

Truth be told, I personally struggled greatly with university.  My mental state was worse than ever, and I had forgotten what a normal sleeping pattern looked like.  But honestly when I look at the lives of people who didn’t go to University, they may seem further ahead in work or even having children, but there is a distinct void of a level of maturity that can only come from shouting at your flatmates at four in the morning to be quiet, and spending 12 hours on a piece of work you’re only half happy with.

All jokes aside, University really did give me a sense of self I don’t think I would have gained otherwise.  As I stand now, staring into the great abyss we call the “working world”, I can now say that regardless of my CV, once I have got an interview, there is a new found confidence I have in knowing my worth, knowing my strengths and weaknesses, and knowing what my knowledge can bring to a company.  That is the edge University gave me, and that is why I am NOT unemployable, yet simply unemployed.

Copyright © 2019 by Anna Turnell

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