I Am Power Woman

So I have now finished my degree (FINALLY).  Though I have finished with my degree itself, I have been in Uni for the past three days completing a course in self employment.  For those of you who don’t know me, or rather, don’t know me well, you’ll be completely unaware of my self assured, self confident, driven side.  On the surface I am a quiet introvert with probably little confidence and low self esteem.  If someone had described me as this seven, eight years ago I would have agreed.  However through growing up and becoming an adult it has become clear that when people talked about “finding yourself”, they weren’t wrong.  Did you know only 6% of the UK’s population start their own businesses.  Crazy right?!  Being someone of confidence (and possibly a little crazy) I feel it’s almost an obligation, my duty, to be one of the few to take the risk.  And as of now I will be known as power woman.

Modern day feminists are an ever growing (though misunderstood) activist group.  Without going into detail as this is a topic for another time, I cannot stress enough the importance of women in the business world.  Most days of my life I am patronised; spoken down to like a child.  I am fully aware my physical appearance makes me look younger, but even in instances where someone is aware I am over the age of 18 (legally an adult), I am still belittled.

The course I have completed today (though run by an amazing non-sexist man), finished by having a panel of business people to answer any questions we had.  One man on the panel, from a local 0% interest loan charity (oh yes, I am definitely going to look into them), answered one of my questions.  The charity only give loans to people aged 18-35, but he did not clarify if this was just for start up costs or for already established businesses who need money to push them towards the next step in their business plan.  At first the man praised my question and explained how he was trying to get the charity to expand their horizons by making this possible.  But of course, as usual, he looked me up and down, sniggered, and said, “well you can’t have been in a business longer than three years anyway”.  I am fully aware he was referring to my age and not my gender, but again this addresses the issue of my attempt at being a power WOMAN.

A while ago I watched a video of an internet famous entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuk.  He talks about how he loves failing to prove people wrong.  I dream of having the privilege of having to fail before people judged me, but being a petite blonde woman, I don’t.  Though to put a positive spin on this, I cannot wait to prove people wrong, for purely judging me on appearance.  And who knows, maybe one day I’ll get a chance to meet Gary, and tell him my story of how I became Power Woman.

Copyright © 2018 by Anna Turnell

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  1. Anna Tan says:

    Excited for you Anna! Also stoked to share a name with a woman like you – being an ultra feminist/liberal etc woman myself, being tiny and therefore easily patronized, matronized, etc. You’ve got a bright future ahead! Congrats on finishing your degree! 🙂


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